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November 23, 2014 – 10:52 am

Asheboro, NC – On Saturday, the North Carolina House Republican Caucus voted to elect their leaders for the next biennium session of the North Carolina General Assembly. Rep. Tim Moore was elected to be the …

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“Where has your ASPEN?”

Submitted by on June 4, 2011 – 11:07 am One Comment

By Ron Butler|Lincoln Tribune
Lincolnton-Once upon a time there was a hungry, thirsty and bored man who walked into the Aspen Sports Bar and Grill located on N. Aspen St. and Cochrane Rd. The man walked up to the bar and ordered a cold beer and a Carolina Classic burger. The man was Lincoln Tribune’s Ron Butler. “I am impressed with the look and feel of this new Sports bar & Grill. It welcomes and makes you feel relaxed right as you enter the front doors”. The bartender, Suzette, greeted my friend and me with a big “Hello Guys” and a warm southern smile. We felt like they already knew us.

The Menu boasts a good selection of Burgers and sandwiches and just about any appetizer you could want. Fried pickles or jalapeño poppers, it was all there. Our meals were brought out quickly and cooked very well.

The two 42” flat screen televisions provided your basic entertainment you would expect to find at any sports bar, but that’s not where the entertainment ended. In the main room are a pool table and a digital jukebox. On the bar is a video poker machine. Plenty of things to do as you enjoy a cold drink with a friend.What was really puzzling my friend and me while we sat at the bar enjoying our meals were the playing cards on the ceiling above the bar. The cards appeared to be glued to the ceiling. However, Suzette assured us that they were affixed by “magic”.

The Aspen Sports Bar and Grill provides a magician for the entertainment of the patrons. After being told the cards were magically suspended on the ceiling, we suspiciously eyed Suzette as if she were pulling our leg. But up walked a magician who proceeded to baffle us with a series of tricks that even skeptics such as us couldn’t explain, even though he changed a five of diamonds to a two of hearts numerous times right in front of our faces.

DJ’s, bands and Karaoke are just a few extra forms of entertainment you will be able to enjoy at Aspen. Owner Steve Gilbert says that he just opened two weeks ago. He would like to build a stage adjacent to the building for live bands and entertainment. On the front porch he plans to add tables and install fans. “Right now I’m just throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks”, he says.

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  • NonaCarole says:

    Hey Ron! You do alright for a kid from Denver!!! What ever took you to the South? Enjoyed the article & if it wasn’t so late here I’d be searching out something to eat (you made me hungry needless to say). Think they owe you some “freebies” for the great article!

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