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Vance Patterson announces candidacy for U.S. Congress

Submitted by on September 30, 2011 – 5:50 am

MORGANTON – Vance Patterson, a business owner and resident of Morganton, NC, announced Saturday his candidacy for U.S. Congress in North Carolina’s 11th District.

He is a former Vice-Chair of the Burke County Republicans, and also initiated the first Tea Party in the county in 2009.

Patterson previously ran in the 2010 primary for the 10th District, and came in second to Congressman Patrick McHenry-R. This election, Patterson is ready to challenge incumbent Congressman Heath Shuler-D.

The NC General Assembly recently moved Mr. Patterson’s home in Burke County into the 11th Congressional District during the redistricting process, along with Caldwell, Avery, and Mitchell Counties.

Patterson is the president of Patterson Fan Company, Patterson Ventilation Company, Iron Brew Coffee and Frenzy, Inc., which have locations in North and South Carolina. Patterson has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and believes that “it is going to take business owners with real world experience in creating jobs and solving problems” to fix the economic crisis facing our country.

“What do we do? Begin by laying a firm foundation on which to build jobs,” Patterson wrote. “Without a firm foundation, any effort or progress made will not last, and we will once again waste out resources as we did with the stimulus funds.”

He plans to build that foundation by establishing fiscal responsibility, steady money growth, free trade among states, fair trade among countries, reasonable interest rates and a revised tax system.

Patterson also commits to working to bring manufacturing jobs to the district.

“Manufacturing is coming back. It will not be in the form of what left our district due to NAFTA. Rather, these will be smaller enterprises paying better wages and requiring the skills, many of which are already present in our communities.”

Patterson has presented a three-step jobs plan beginning with laying the foundation to build jobs, creating and coordinating a plan for the industries that communities and counties want to attract, and setting up a “commerce department” within his staff to work with state and federal commerce departments.

He suggests splitting Social Security into two parts: a safety net, funded by everyone for everyone, and a retirement fund. Individuals would contribute to their own fund and can choose to let either the government. or a private entity manage the account.

However, Patterson acknowledges that there may be more than one right answer, and would welcome the input of others in order to find the best solution.

Patterson opposes all forms of abortion, believes global warming is not man-made, is against amnesty for undocumented immigrants, supports the Defense of Marriage Act and believes in term limits.

He is opposed to government run health care and proposes using an open market place for purchasing insurance, including across state line; promoting alternatives to employer based health insurance; subjecting all medical benefits to medical necessity, not want.

Patterson is married to Mary Jo and has four children, Cody, Matt, Megan and Devin. Born in Kansas City, MO, he has lived in Morganton for the past 17 years. His hobbies include snowboarding, wake boarding, biking, weightlifting and SCUBA diving.

For more information, visit vancenc.com, or “Like” the Facebook page; Vance Patterson for Congress

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